TruStrain Live Resin

One Full Gram.

We respect the cannabis craft. Top of the line extraction equipment, processes, and some good old experience allow for us to deliver consistency you can trust.

MicroCeramic Coil

Ceramic. Made better.

Ceramic bonding agents breakdown at high temperatures. Particles from the bonding agents break loose and can be inhaled. Our MicroCeramic Technology heats cleaner and preserves natural strain essence.

ready to use

Reliable power.

Rechargeable, durable battery life - that lasts about 250 puffs on a full charge. Wrapped in a soft-touch coated quality aluminum unibody construction


One Farm. One Device.

Finding the right source of cannabis is essential in the consistency of products. Very rarely, if at all, will you find a product like this, that comes from one farm. When we say it's Mango Melons, it's Mango Melons and it comes from the same strain every time.

Each year we will add more strains for all to enjoy. Let us know us know the strains we should start planting next.


Extraction excellence.

A curated mix of innovators and entrepreneurs with experience across key industries both cannabis and non-cannabis related with the shared goal to positively affect any and all cannabis consumers.

Known for processing cannabis into oil, live resin and general processing for some of the largest brands in the industry.

They have been seen on FOX News, CNN, New York Times, ABC News, Los Angeles Times, and CBS News.

True to strain experience

TruStrain Live Resin

Experience the uncomprimising quality of hybud TruStrain live resin. Always extracted from single-source fresh frozen flower-





Delivering a true to strain experience, with consistency you can trust.

Quality construction.

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What NFC can do for you
A better connection.

Near Field Communication -NFC for short, is a quickly emerging technology that interacts with smartphones without the need for an application. In fact, if you're familiar with contactless payments, then you might have used this technology before!

We have integrated NFC technology into every hybud device- allowing consumers to access information easier than ever before. Cannabis industry is going to love the potential for marketing, collaboration, and user behavior data. 


Building better relationships

We love collaboration, let's grow together. Whether it's budtender training, or customer support- we're here to help. When you pick up hybud, we provide for you a selection of merchandising material tailored to your needs- everything from custom table tents & counter cards to dedicated NFC experiences.

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