Quality Assurance from Start to Finish.

We are 1 farm and 1 device.

This allows us the ability to control every aspect of our manufacturing from seed to satisfaction.

We're so confident, you can access our testing with a tap of your mobile phone to a hybud device.


One farm. One device. Several tests.

Did you know that hybud products are tested several times before they are available for purchase?

This is how it works.

Since we have our own farm that supplies all of hybud products, it allows us the ability to remove variables and ensure quality. We test each batch of flower before it goes to our extraction team.

Our extraction team does a micro extraction of the material prior to mass production. Testing the product in a dense format could yield different results. Similar to using a magnifying glass to look at small objects, extraction condenses all of the material which magnifies any impurities. This micro extraction is tested again.

Once we go through mass production of hybud product, all products are held before they are released to market. You guessed it, more testing. Now that we have paired Tru-Strain Live Resin with the device, we want to make sure nothing will negatively effect your experience.